Hello, Clark Gardens friends!

We have been BUSY with our wonderful FALL brides and what beautiful weddings we have seen!

I want to share my thoughts on the idea of the PERFECT wedding. Everyone wants a wedding to be perfect and as a young woman, newlywed, and wedding coordinator, I get that. But sometimes our idea of "perfect" might not be very realistic. Every wedding is its own creature with many moving parts and there are some things you just can't plan for. Sometimes you have to be flexible. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.

Many brides, mothers of brides, maids of honor and others lose sight of the purpose of the wedding. This is an event to celebrate your commitment and yet, time after time I see people get so wrapped up in the details that they forget the big picture. You're here to get married and have fun!

If some of the butterflies don't fly- you're still married.

If the ring bearer can't stop screaming long enough to make it down the aisle- you're still married!

If a 5 year old guest sticks his hands in the chocolate fountain and wipes them all over the church walls- you are still married.

(All true stories, by the way. Even the chocolate fountain.)

On my wedding day I told my mom, best friend, and husband, "No matter what happens today, if we have fun and leave married, today will be a success." And let me tell you: our wedding was perfect for us, but by no means perfect.

  • The venue double-booked my dressing room, so I got dressed in my parents' hotel room.
  • 15 minutes before the ceremony I realized that I forgot to put on deodorant. Luckily my mom had some in her purse.
  • The photo booth didn't bring the giant sunglasses I wanted, but everyone else loved it!

Here's the best wedding imperfection: Our first-look photo session and family photos took so long that our guests started arriving while I'm on stage trying to stay calm for the camera. Eventually enough people had already seen me in my dress that there was no sense in hiding... So there I was, donned in ivory and lace, standing at the door greeting every guest with a hug. They looked confused, like they were breaking rules by seeing me and I'm sure some worried they had missed the wedding! But when something went wrong, we rolled with it.

I will say this about greeting at my own wedding: It was FUN! And it ensured that I said "Welcome!" and "Thank you for coming!" to all 194 people. There were no rules, no traditions, and no bad omens for our marriage.



So my best advice to brides is this: Don't sweat the small stuff. Get married and have fun!...

The rest just makes a good story ;)




Until next time- Chelsea


Now that I’ve been the new Events Manager for over a month and I’ve finished catching my breath I feel it’s time to properly introduce myself.

Blog Pic 1

 My name is Chelsea Brookshire- a Granbury girl, 2009 Tarleton State University graduate, and newlywed! I love good music, good food, and good laughs. I am passionate about my marriage, church, work, and serving people.  Helping make the planning process easier for brides (and their families) is a perfect fit for me since I just experienced the fun and exhausting season of my own. And I LOVE being married! So what better job for me than to help couples start the amazing journey with a day celebrating their commitment?? I love it. I love everything about it.

I adore spending each day at Clark Gardens for a MULTITUDE of reasons: Each trail has its own smell; the peacocks provide their own form of entertainment; we sell water lilies; the garden is gorgeous year-round; the staff is a family; and people love being here! Clark Gardens is a hidden gem; a true oasis where you can escape the city, discover something new, and experience our piece of Heaven. 

Whether you are a bride, family or friend, a vendor, love the gardens, or just love weddings I encourage you to like our ‘Clark Gardens Weddings’ Facebook page. We will be posting wedding trends, fan questions, pictures of our weddings, and start really getting to know our clients. We’re going to be following them along the way to the big day! So join us. Help us celebrate their journey! 

Until next time- Chelsea Brookshire




"Life's a garden. Dig it." -Joe Dirt.


Congratulations on your New Marriage!


Clark Gardens thanks you for choosing us as your wedding venue. The Gardens hosted a number of gorgeous brides this year and we would like to see some of your photos…We are putting together our 2013 advertising campaign and we would love to feature a few of you in the campaign. Please email two of your most unique wedding photos to me. We are looking for a few photos that depict the beauty of Clark Gardens , as well as your wedding.

 If we use your photo in our ad campaign we will send you $100.

We look forward to seeing your photos!

Thank you so much, Kay

peacock at Clark Gardens

If you're looking for an idea for your wedding, we have the answer. By choosing Clark Gardends Botanical Park as your venue, we have an array of colors to choose from! From the pinks, reds, yellows, and purples you can do almost any color you want. For a fall wedding, bold peacock colors would be a perfect choice. We have five wild peacocks roaming around the gardens so there is a chance one could become a guest at your wedding! It would be the icing on the cake of a peacock themed wedding.

The bold blues, greens, and purples are beautiful and elegant and can make any occasion special and unique. This theme can be very versitile. Using simple things such as peacock feathers in your hair to having peacock feather centerpieces can really spice it up.

 Adding a splash of peacock colors can add an elegant touch to your hair. A simple peacock decor can take your isle to a whole new level. Our peacocks can be found at any location around the gardens.

Oh We Dazzled! The excitement and anticipation of the  first weekend in March was not to be disappointed. Not only did Clark Gardens look fan.freaking.tastic, the couples that came out were some of the sweetest people I've ever met. Our newest couple was no different and took the competition to a new level! They were the coolest, most wonderfully delightful and completely CG worthy duo to ever walk away holding their dream wedding package - they even have three wiener dogs!


Angela and Wayne are hands down the cutest couple EVER! After watching them tackle the challenges one by one I knew it was fate. Of the challenges I would have to say my favorite was the clothing round. The remaining couples had to cross dress old wedding outfits in the least amount of time in order to move on to the next round. The game started out fairly normally, Wayne putting on a bra (well I guess that's not really normal is it ;), Angella shoving old man pants over her clothes, and frantically locating the next piece. Just when you thought it couldn't get any closer, and the couples were neck and neck .... Wayne stuffed himself into one of the last pieces of the costume and riiiiip the ENTIRE wedding dress just shred down the middle! Not even a hesitatation! While the entire crowd was laughing they kept on trucking!!



There was A LOT more to the story, but since I was just a lame bystander I thought it would be way more intriguing to hear from the inside....


What inspired you to enter the wedding giveaway?

We thought it would be fun & a great opportunity to save money planning our wedding.

We all loved Wayne’s story, did you work on it together or was it all him?

Well.......· We worked on it together:)

Lots of couples entered with great stories from all over the metroplex, how did you react when you found out you were part of the top 10? And the top 5?

We were so surprised & happy when we made it to the top 10! We figured there would be hundreds of entries & we would have a hard time getting noticed.·Once we made it to the top 10,we weren't going to let anything stop us from making it to the top 5.·But when we saw Courtney & Aubrey taking such a huge lead the 2nd or 3rd day of voting, we started panicking.·I began campaigning like I was running for president. (that was the way I described it to people) I even made us business cards with the Wedding Frog logo & website & our picture so I could hand them out to complete strangers for them to know where to go to vote:) LOL·Plus, my sister made us an event page & invited everyone.·Then our story took the lead by the end of the 1st week & stayed there which was such a good feeling!!

Did you prepare for the March 3rd’s event challenges?

Oh yes!! As soon as we made it to the top 5,·I would bake us each 1 cake with icing·every week & hide a ring inside of it.·Then we would time ourselves to see how fast we could find the ring using only our mouths.·We googled newlywed game questions to practice with and tried to learn silly stuff about each other.·I watched videos on YouTube to try to learn how to put on the different pieces of a tuxedo.


What was your favorite part of the competition?

Wayne: Winning!!

Me: The wedding wardrobe fiasco round.·So glad Wayne was such a good sport!! (I Completely agree!!!)

What was your least favorite part?

Wayne: having the all that cake stuck up my nose

Me: trying to find the ring in that cake.·It was a lot thicker & harder to bite into than my nice moist, & freshly homemade ones:)

How did you feel when you were announced as the winners of the $15,000 Ultimate Wedding Package?

We were both ecstatic!! It was so surreal.


Did you celebrate your win?

Definitely!! Our cheerleaders had come from all over that day.·My little sister came all the way from·Baton Rouge, LA·to cheer us on, so we all left & had dinner together before they had to go back home. My big sister & our adopted mother came from Ft Worth.  My Aunt & Uncle from Glen Rose.  Plus, my boss & her boys & two other friends came from Granbury.  We all left & had dinner together before they had to go back home.

What piece of the package are you most excited about?

Our dream wedding will now become a dream come true at Clark Gardens!! Being able to share this magical day with everyone closest to us with less stress of raising the money for it all is such a blessing!!!·We are incredibly thankful for this good fortune:)

What theme or overall feel do you have planned for your wedding?

Our theme will be carnival.·The feel will be casual but with lots of details.·Like, cotton candy martinis, &·maybe a kissing booth·just give you a small glimpse.·{I can't give it all away;)}

Will your three wiener dogs be part of the big day?

ABSOLUTELY!!!· It wouldn't be the same without them.


Angela and Wayne have chosen a May 2013 date in our East Side Selections. We are extremely excited to get an opportunity to work with such amazing people and we can't wait to see their specail day go from a dream to a reality! <3 my CGers

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