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Hello, Clark Gardens friends!

We have been BUSY with our wonderful FALL brides and what beautiful weddings we have seen!

I want to share my thoughts on the idea of the PERFECT wedding. Everyone wants a wedding to be perfect and as a young woman, newlywed, and wedding coordinator, I get that. But stuff happens. Every wedding is its own creature with many moving parts and there are some things you just can't plan for. Sometimes you have to be flexible and ask yourself, "is this worth ruining the most fun day of my life?"

Many brides, mothers of brides, maids of honor and others lose sight of the purpose of the wedding. This is an event to celebrate your commitment and yet, time after time I see people get so wrapped up in the details that they forget the big picture. You're here to get married and have fun!

On my wedding day I told my mom, best friend, and husband, "No matter what happens today, if we have fun and leave married, today will be a success." And let me tell you: our wedding was perfect for us, but by no means perfect.

Besides my dressing room being double booked and our caterer removing food before my groom and I could eat, our first-look photo session and family photos took so long that our guests started arriving while I'm on stage taking pictures. Eventually enough people had already seen me in my dress that there was no sense in hiding... So there I was, donned in ivory and lace, standing at the door greeting every guest with a hug. They looked confused, like they were breaking rules by seeing me and I'm sure some worried they had missed the wedding. But when something went wrong, we rolled with it.

I will say this about greeting at my own wedding: It was FUN! And it ensured that I said "Welcome!" and "Thank you for coming!" to all 194 people. There were no rules, no traditions, and no bad omens for our marriage.

So my best advice to brides is this: Don't sweat the small stuff. Get married and have fun!...

The rest just makes a good story ;)

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